Three schoolmates grew up together in Budanilkantha boarding school in Kathmandu. One went to MIT for higher studies, the other to Harvard, and the third to New York University.
The three kept in touch, and often talked about what they could do to give back to Nepal, and decided that since it was the opportunity they got from scholarships at a top quality education in a premier government-run school, they would help set up a chain of similar schools. The first Bloom Nepal School was set up in Kathmandu with 17 students, but the earthquake struck and brought down its building, killing a security guard. It had to be restarted from scratch, and the school rose from the rubble to establish two campuses in Kathmandu and Itahari that today have 600 students.
“People in the rural areas of Nepal are as capable as everyone else even if they are poor, they just need the opportunity to get a quality education like I did,” says Ram Rijal who recently graduated from MIT taught mathematics in his school, and is now working on a PhD. “We want this school to provide a similar opportunity to other underprivileged Nepali children.” Click here to follow the rest of the story -->