Forty years ago this week, Steve Jobs-led Apple went public in what was considered then the biggest tech IPO in the day. A report by CultofMac states that one December 12, 1980, Apple “floated 4.6 million shares on the stock market at $22 per share."As a a result of the IPO, Apple created millionaires out of more than 40 of its 1,000 Apple employees. Steve Jobs, who was then 25 years old, ended the day reportedly with a net worth of $217 million, as per the CultofMac report. The report states that some of the employees who became “instant millionaires” included the then-CEO Mike Scott, who reportedly made $95.5 million. Venture capitalists Mike Markkula and Arthur Rock also earned smart sums on their investment in Apple. Click here to read more on this original story.